Package org.joml

Class Runtime


public final class Runtime extends Object
Internal class to detect features of the runtime.
Kai Burjack
  • Field Details

    • HAS_floatToRawIntBits

      public static final boolean HAS_floatToRawIntBits
    • HAS_doubleToRawLongBits

      public static final boolean HAS_doubleToRawLongBits
    • HAS_Long_rotateLeft

      public static final boolean HAS_Long_rotateLeft
    • HAS_Math_fma

      public static final boolean HAS_Math_fma
  • Method Details

    • floatToIntBits

      public static int floatToIntBits(float flt)
    • doubleToLongBits

      public static long doubleToLongBits(double dbl)
    • formatNumbers

      public static String formatNumbers(String str)
    • format

      public static String format(double number, NumberFormat format)
    • equals

      public static boolean equals(float a, float b, float delta)
    • equals

      public static boolean equals(double a, double b, double delta)