Class PoissonSampling.Disk

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public static class PoissonSampling.Disk extends Object
Generates Poisson samples on a disk.

The algorithm implemented here is based on Fast Poisson Disk Sampling in Arbitrary Dimensions.

Kai Burjack
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      public Disk(long seed, float diskRadius, float minDist, int k, Callback2d callback)
      Create a new instance of PoissonSampling.Disk which computes poisson-distributed samples on a disk with the given radius diskRadius and notifies the given callback for each found sample point.

      The samples are distributed evenly on the disk with a minimum distance to one another of at least minDist.

      seed - the seed to initialize the random number generator with
      diskRadius - the disk radius
      minDist - the minimum distance between any two generated samples
      k - determines how many samples are tested before rejection. Higher values produce better results. Typical values are 20 to 30
      callback - will be notified about each sample point